Who Are The Road Conquerors?

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By nature, bikers are cheerful people, they strive for freedom and do not depend on rules and power. The desire for self-realization is felt in these people, they freely express their opinions, without fear and doubt. Bikers are representatives of different strata of society, they accept each other as real, and do not require personality changes for the sake of public opinion.

The Essence of the Biker

Around 1860-1900, a motorized bicycle appeared. The first mention of the motorcycle is associated with the name of Louis Perot – it was this man who created the first model of the Velocipede motorcycle. A steam engine was installed on it.


In 1868, in winter, December 26, the first motorcycle was patented. Twenty years later, this miracle of technology has reached its peak.

Test studies of this invention were carried out many times, but a fire broke out in which the pants of Gottfried’s son burned down, after which further work on this technology was stopped. Daimler announced that in the future, motorcycles will not exist. Of course, this was a mistake, because now his company is a major car manufacturer on the whole planet – we are talking about the famous Mercedes-Benz company.

People started riding motorcycles long before the biker subculture emerged. However, unlike a simple motorcyclist, for a biker, his iron horse is not just a means of transportation – it is a whole philosophy that determines his life, values​​, and priorities. This is the philosophy of the light-hearted rider, translated from English as “easy reader”. It got its name from the 1969 film of the same name, in which it was most clearly reflected and formulated.

It consists of three components:

  1. Freedom. The biker must be devoid of all sorts of permanent attachments. He is a freelance racer on the endless expanses of highways.
  2. Honour. A real biker must comply with a kind of biker code of honor. He will never offend a beginner, help those in trouble on the road, he will not humiliate or insult his colleague in the shop, especially in the presence of strangers.
  3. Loyalty. The biker is obliged to observe the traditions of his movement. To be responsible for his actions, realizing that he does them not only on his own behalf but also on behalf of many thousands of his like-minded people.
  4. Individuality. Most of all, appreciating inner freedom, the biker does not forget about his iron horse. A bike for a biker is a matter of care and almost worship. He is decorated, cared for, cared for and cherished, trying to emphasize his uniqueness and individuality.

The Appearance of Bikers. Distinctive Features

The appearance of a biker is largely dictated by his vehicle. Since bikes of sufficiently high power are common in the biker environment, appropriate clothing is needed to move on them. Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle at least once in their life will understand that light flannel shirts are not the best clothes for this. Therefore, a real leather biker jacket is the best uniform for a biker. Better – black. Any other – after a motorcycle season with races of 100 km per hour, it will simply be torn to shreds. Often the biker jacket is also decorated with various icons and symbols. The “confederation” flag and the 1% sign are popular. The first symbol does not bear any political color – and its use was originally intended as a challenge to bourgeois society. The second symbol dates back to 1947, after the famous rally in Hollister, California, where the head of the American Motorcycle Association stated that “all motorcyclists are law-abiding people, and only one percent of them are “outlaws” and break the law (outlaws). Then the 1% patch acquired a softer meaning and began to denote the desire of bikers for independence and freedom.

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